Sunday, 6 November 2016

Campus Icon Awards 2017 #CIAwards2017

It's the revolutionary platform the Campus Icon Awards 2017 in her maiden event is set to storm;
but not limited to SIX main institutions in Nigeria.

Students with distinctive performance in their different entrepreneurial fields will be rewarded,empowered and promoted...

We  have Campus Ambassadors and Media Partners in   FUNAAB    OOU    MAPOLY   TASUED  LASU  UNILAG  EKSU   YCT   LASU  and other institutions around the four corners of Nigeria.

Represent your school in the course of this historical event as we would be celebrating about
1000 competitors for 35 awards in more than 6 institutions and all other institutions in Nigeria.

NB: Represent your institution,contact us


Email- campusiconawards@gma­


Click This Link To Be An Ambassador/Media Partner